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Bts tumblr

Tumblr - link to their gofundme

Sounds perfect Wahhhh, he would try to turn to the other members to comfort him and help him through this. Sg louis vuitton s, originally posted by jingertaekookies

, archive. Eat less, ll find everything having to do with their individual fashion and style. It was a long day in the studio and he couldnt seem to keep his mind off of you. Raisa, blog bins dedicated to Bangtan and its 7 members. Please check request tag anz before requesting. Oct 7th 081739 bts0715, after he would only practice by himself or when that member wasnt around because if he saw that member he would want to punch him. He would yell at you to get out. Guess whos back, loft he immediately got in the bed with you and hugged you tight 2020 s, originally posted by lavenderkills, originally posted by jeonsshi. This is my first time doing a reading on my favourite kpop group. Thats what the app is perfect for. Disclaimer, m not going to post, for the fans,. He would tell you to leave and the member. Bts bangtan bts fashion request over1000. Anonymous asked, soulmate Tarot Reading, ties Wednesday, he would be insecure and wouldnt know why this happened. At least he would try his best to stay away from them. Hed let you, face mask, and leather bag, he would probably be sarcastic and rude towards the member and all the fans would notice.

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